Risk Management
  • We are an Independent Risk Management firm that services the Energy, Construction, and Engineering segment of the business world. Our approach is not just providing bonds and selling insurance, but understanding the risk environment of our clients and reducing and eliminating undesirable business risks. Surety bonds are often required for a company to do business in the private or regulatory segment of industry. We are able to evaluate the financial needs of a client and determine if surety bonding is available. This enables the client to pursue their business expertise without undue utilization of financial capital. Most of our clients find that we can provide bonding in the energy (plugging bonds), and construction (surety, environmental and reclamation) fields, locally and world wide.
  • When risk has been eliminated or assumed, the task remains to transfer the remaining risk to others. This is done contractually by establishing hold harmless and indemnity agreements with others or paying a premium to a qualified insurance company to assume the risk. As your risk manager, we negotiate the placing of such risk.
  • If you want to stay proficient and active in your chosen business, consider us as a qualified risk manager to free your time for what you do best. Managing and solving risk is what we do best.
P S Financial Risk Management
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