Petroleum Service Financial Risk Management
  • Whether building, designing, drilling, operating, or servicing, the Petroleum Service operations encounter tremendous financial risk that could seriously hinder the continuity of business.
  • Often the business is prevented from adequately proceeding due to bonding requirements to satisfy government entities or clients.
  • As an independent Risk Manager, PSFRM evaluates the financial overview of the Petroleum Service business. Our clients are domiciled throughout North America and work worldwide.
  • Every Petroleum Service business manages risk (eliminating it; reducing it; transferring it; assuming it.) Each choice has a financial implication. It is our role as an Independent Risk Manager to evaluate the alternatives and make that information available to our clients.
  • PSFRM represents surety companies to keep business assets free, rather than posting them to satisfy government or a private obligee. If transferring risk to an insurance company is beneficial, we place the insurance for you.
  • Please call us to determine if we can service your business.
P S Financial Risk Management
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